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Why rent a hall or a function room when you can get a Private Night Club for your event? You can choose a package deal or you can customize your event however you like. You can Choose either a 2500 square foot venue or you can get a 5000 square foot venue. Feeling like you want to go huge you can rent the entire 7,500 square foot facility.

Options, Options, Options.We can throw all kinds of parties due to the layout of our facility. You can hire your own catering, or just order your own food. You can call a bartender service or ask us about our special B.Y.O.B services. We just aim for one thing we want you to have a blast.You might know us as a Kids Birthday Place, but we know how to throw a real party. We can remove all of our inflatable and bust out our full fledged night club.

Within our facility, we have two different Night Clubs:

* 1 Small Night Club (Suite C)
* 1 Large Night Club (Suite D)

Both of our Night Clubs have a lot to offer, the only difference being their sizes, which differentiates capacity levels. However, they both offer high- quality surround sound music, neon and strobe lights, along with so much more!

In our Small Night Club, you can check out our Graffiti Room! Its great for taking selfies, or group photos with our Photo Booth! The Photo Booth adds incredible lighting and the ability to print out a copy for every person in the photo to enjoy!

Dance, Drink, and Party like you used to at our New Night Club Venues.


Large Night Club


Small Night Club

30th Birthday Party

Here is a 30th Birthday Party in our large night club
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