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Large Night Club

**Excludes Bar/Bat Mitzvah's

Our large night club is 5000 sq. ft that will ensure enough room for you and all your guests to mingle and dance the night away! Considering its name, this night club is much bigger which gives you, as the host, a lot more space to add your own creative funk. Whether it be adding on our luxurious photobooth, white leather couches, or color changing tables this night club will give you a lot more opportunities to arrange your party the way you want!

This could be your epic Sweet 16!

Winter Wonderland Sweet 16

Cool Night Club


Family Style

When it comes to throwing a party, one of the most important things to consider is the type of guests who will be attending your event. Here, at It's2cool, we have a variety of different parties ranging from family to kid style Sweet 16's. What we consider to be a family-oriented event is being that more than half of the guests are direct and indirect family members. These type of events are always a blast when you get to party it up with close family members, but also catch up with some distant cousins who you only ever get to see once in awhile at events like these!
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Kids Style

What we consider a kid-style Sweet 16 to be is more than half of your guests are just good friends with the birthday child! Whether it be your son or your daughter who will be celebrating their super sweet 16, they will love the excitement and anticipation of inviting all of their best friends to a night full of fun and everlasting memories.
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