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Virtual RacerX will take you on the ride of your life!

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Have you ever wished you could be directly behind the wheel of your favorite racing game? Now you can! Virtual RacerX provides an authentic experience with the added realism of tactile feedback and the 5.1 surround sound. Racing through a hairpin curve, body checking an opponent, or blasting them with a rocket launcher – see it, hear it, feel it! Compatible with every racing/simulation game on the market.


  • Xbox 360 & Xbox One

  • PS3 & PS4

  • PC

The ultimate experience only It’s2Cool can offer:

With the PC version an infrared system can attach to a baseball cap, monitoring your head movement, and display it on the screen. If you lean forward you will be able to look out onto the hood of the car or backwards and see deeper into the interior of the car. You can also look side to side to see your opponents
Choose the size of screen you prefer:

  • 26″ LCD

  • 42″ Plasma

  • 50” Plasma

  • Race on one of our giant inflatable screens!

Tactile feedback: pulsating 1,500 watt-tactile transducer

The transducer is a small linear motor which reacts to a signal sent by the power amplifier. It’s similar to a speaker but instead of moving a speaker cone, and transferring sound through the air, it attaches to the VRX suspension seat base and sends low frequency sound waves directly into the body. You feel the road, rumble strips, engine vibration and crashes. It truly creates an amazing Virtual Racing Environment!

  • Polished chrome chassis

  • Powder coated wheel mount, pedal mount and seat wings

  •  Front/rear non-slip vibration dampeners prevent movement

  •  Exposed edges concealed with 3M™ automotive chrome trim

  •  Sparco® racing seat provides authentic feel

  •  Automotive seat slider adjusts for wide range of heights

  •  Suspension seat base improves tactile feedback and