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It's 2 Cool Golf

Golf Launchpad’s tethered ball has been designed to reproduce the impact-physics of a free ball to perfection. Not an easy task, as club head/ball collision is a complex phenomenon involving forces of up to a ton.

The TruFeel™ of the game:

Utilizing the tether and a precisely calibrated pivot, the ball is designed to impart the impact-physics of a free ball. A Dupont Surlyn golf ball (the same resin with which the best golf balls are made) is mounted on a lightweight, flexible tether allowing the ball to spin, which is mounted on an ultra-low friction, double ball-bearing mounted pivot. This means that your hands feel and your ears hear what they should: the thwack of your irons and the ping of your woods just as you would on the fairway.
Optical sensors under the turf track your club over a sensor grid at the moment of impact, measuring the angle, velocity, acceleration and path. A digital signal processing technology in Golf Launchpad converts the mountains of raw data into pinpoint accuracy.
Available on several systems:

  • Playstation

  • Xbox

  •  PC

Choose the size of screen you prefer:

  • 26″ LCD

  • 42″ Plasma

  • 50” Plasma

The Computation:

Swing, and the optical sensors embedded deep under the turf analyse the club-ball impact minutely.

The Result:

Golf Launchpad is a world-class golf simulation system with inimitably authentic feel and accuracy, and superb shot precision. Play without compromise on the best courses, anywhere, anytime. Launch your game!