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Artistic Fun

Wax Hands

First, choose your hand sign (ex., Peace or No. 1)
Next your hand is dipped in cold soapy water
Then in warm wax

Back in the soapy water
Finally back in the wax.From there a mold is made of the hand.
It can even be dipped into different colors to jazz it up.
What a cool and colorful way to have an impression made of your hand and your party!

It's 2 Cool can bring Wax Hands to your next party!

Temporary Tattoos

Everybody loves tattoos, just as long as they don’t last forever, and that is what is so great about our Airbrush Tattoos.

Choose the design and our airbrush technician will do the rest – in a matter of minutes you will have a beautiful tattoo.

Airbrush tattoos generally last about one week and are waterproof – now that’s 2Cool!

It's 2 Cool has airbrush artists that can provide you detailed temporary tattoos!

Spin Art

Add a little creativity to your party with Spin Art! Make cool post cards with frames or your own colorful frizbees.

Either way, its fun and makes a great party favor!

Spin Art Machine $75.00/Day includes:

Machine and Supplies for up to 50 post cards and frames

(call for prices on frizbees)

It's 2 Cool can bring Sand Art to your next party of event!

Sand Art

Really cool and fun for all ages!

Whether you’re 3 years old or 60 years you will have so much fun with Sand Art.

We offer many different plastic bottles to choose from and a minimum of 17 different colors ranging from neon pink to dark purple.

It's 2 Cool can provide Sand Art activities at your next party of event!