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Are you planning a Sweet 16 Party in Massachusetts?




Professional Disc Jockey

Its2Cool has been DJing for 30 years. Collectively we have a team of many different DJ’s. We use top notch gear and we always bring back up anyways. Events are about being on time, professional and effective. We can guarantee all of those things at our events. Check out our Disc Jockey page.


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We have some dancers that you can hire for your party. Dancers can entertain on the stage or be used to as crowd motivators to make sure that every body has a great time. Let us know if you would like to inquire about special dance talent let us know and we can get you a list of talent.


There are so many cool bands out there that you can have at your event. There’s a full sized band in the area which will allow you to sing karaoke in front of them. If you were considering some group talent let us know and we can get you a few local bands to check out for your event.

Makeup and Temporary Tattoo Artists

We have some of the best Airbrush and body makeup artists around. Any theme you would like we can make it happen. Or allow your guests to choose from 100’s of stencils and designs. All of our art packages come with our custom painted black light room.




Video Production Services

We have 2Cool studios, which is a great way to record your event in many different ways. We could do a live simulcast on our dance wall. We could shoot a video before the party with the special girl, and show it at her event. Or we could do a piece that shows the evening so you can remember the evening for years to come.

Check out our favorite bus company

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Party Bus Boston 2000
Party trolley bus 2012
Party Trolley Bus 2012

party trolley bus 2013


Party Tolley Bus 2013
the original party trolley Double Decker Bus 2014 boston ma
the original party trolley Double Decker Bus 2014 boston ma



Original party trolley


Photo shoots

We have a full sized photography studio, and professional photographers who know how to use it. We can take shots before and during your party. We can use the shots for items at your party, or even for invitations.

Special Invitations

Our design team will provide a photo shoot, and custom design. We have a plethora of Ideas we can work from. From diamonds, to animal print, to black light paint. We can set the tone for your party with this affordable upgrade. $100 for a photo shoot and graphic design. Then we can send the files to a printer for you. The average cost to print the invitations is $30 for 100.


Impersonators are great, they can bring that added memory to every party. Impersonators come in all forms, Brad Pitt, Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, to Jimi Hendrix. We have come across a number of great performers over the years. Feel free to ask us about Impersonators that we have worked with in the past.