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How do I book a party?

It’s easy! Just give us a call at 339-237-3899 and speak with one of our party consultants and we’d be happy to reserve your special day and time! For your convenience, you can also request a date online.


Do you offer any add-ons?

Oh boy, yes. We have hundreds of add ons, such as Arts and Crafts, Concessions, and more!


What forms of payment are accepted?

We accept all major credit cards, but no personal checks, please. For your convenience we accept Cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, as credit or debit.


How many guests can I invite?

You can invite whomever you like, just note if you are under 18 you must be counted as a guest to play on any equipment, and they must fill out a waiver. Children under 18 months do not count towards your head count.


Is there an additional charge for siblings, parents, and/or caregivers?

There is no additional charge.


Does a party include food?

No, we are the best at providing entertainment, but we are not a restaurant. We can however call our recommended pizza place Slices who can provide a double cut XL pizza, and they are always on time. When you arrive, our party staff will ask if you want pizza, then you just pay the delivery guy. We will have it on the plates for the kids before they enter their party room.


Can we bring in our own food?

Yes, feel free to bring your own meal and desserts, we just don’t allow outside appliances.


Will you assist us when it is time to serve cake and ice cream?

Yes, we supply two assistants when you are in the party room. Our staff would be more than happy to assist in any aspect of the party room. We will also clean up the mess.


Will we be sharing party space with another group?

No. For the safety and security of your guests, your party is completely private 100% of the time. There will not be any other people from any other parties in the arenas or party rooms while you are there. This allows our staff to focus solely on your group and to make the occasion special for your child.


How much are the arcades?

Free! We do not nickle and dime our arcades. Everyone can use the games, and nobody at your event has to pay to play.


What time should my guests and I arrive at the party?

We ask that you and your guests arrive 10-15 minutes prior to your scheduled party to allow time for check in.


Does It’s2Cool provide supervision in the play arena(s)?

Yes, our staff is fully trained and committed to ensuring a safe, fun party.


Am I expected to stay at the party?

The party host MUST stay at the party. Other adults are also welcome to stay and enjoy the fun.


Is each guest, including adults, required to have a completed/signed waiver?

Yes. For insurance purposes, all party guests under 18 who will play must have a waiver completed and signed by a parent/guardian. We have our waiver online.


Are socks required?

We do require them and recommend to bring your own, but we do offer socks for sale.

Are there any safety rules?

Absolutely. The Party host will give all of the children a run down of rules, and precautions before entering the party arenas.

Can we start activities in the party room before entering?

No, we require you to stay in our lobby to organize visitors and to prepare the children for Arena One. After 15 minutes in Arena Two we can allow you in the party room, giving you a half hour to set up for your party festivities.


Can guests re-enter the play arena(s) after entering the party room?

We’re sorry, but guests may not re-enter as we rotate other groups in and may need that time to clean.


Do you provide party room set up and clean up?



Are tips appropriate?

Gratuities for our staff are welcome and appreciated.


What beverages do you offer in the party room?

We have man options including: juice, sodas, slush puppies, and bottled water.