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Who is responsible for obtaining a film license?

The customer is responsible for obtaining licenses, to do so, visit www.swank.com or www.criterionpicusa.com
In order to show a copyrighted movie either indoors or outdoors to the general public, a film license is required. However, if an indoor or outdoor movie is being hosted for family and friends on your own personal property, a film license is not required.

Film Licensing

To obtain a film license, please follow these steps:

  • Select the movie.
  • Movies are distributed through the following two companies www.swank.com or www.criterionpicusa.com. These companies do not compete. 85% of the titles are with www.swank.com and 15% of the titles are with www.criterionpicusa.com.
  • When ordering the movie request that it is in DVD format so that you are able to take full advantage of the best picture,¬†quality and sound
  • The DVD will be shipped to you and you will be required to ship it back.
  • Note: This license is valid for a one night viewing only. Disney and its subsidiaries have partially restricted use of their titles in outdoor settings. Be sure to check with the distributors on those restrictions.
  • K-12 Schools and Public Libraries – click on this website www.movlic.com


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