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The other day I told my son Marky that I had dropped off a water slide at Keith Yandle’s house. Yandle is considered one of the best defenseman in the NHL and is on the Florida Panthers. To my surprise, Marky raved about how much he loves Yandle. He then went to his backpack and pulled out a puck signed by him, one that he carries with him everyday to school. He begged me to let him miss school to meet him when I picked up the waterslide.


Although I couldn’t let Marky miss school, when I went to pick up the water slide, I told Keith all about my son and how he was his #1 fan. Keith was so generous and gave me a signed stick to give to my sons Marky and Matthew. They were over the moon about this wonderful gift. We can’t thank Keith Yandle enough for being an awesome customer and an even more incredible person. A great shout out to him for all the hard work he does. Thank you, Keith!