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Toddlers are a lot of fun. Now that they are no longer infants, parents can spend a little less time changing diapers and more time helping them learn… which means that toddlers can start actively enjoying new activities- even at events and parties!

Once a child is around two years old, they reach a key point of childhood development. There are countless ways in which parents facilitate their child’s physical coordination and mental growth, whether it is through exercise or hands-on activity. While much of this time is going to be one-on-one, Linda DiProperzio of Parents magazine stated that it’s also important for toddlers to interact with others. That means most parents will be seeking out events and even classes just to expose their toddlers to other young children. Attending a party can be a wonderful way to do that.

Parties that are centered around toddler activities can be a wonderful opportunity for physical activity and social development. Many kids won’t be at a talking stage yet, but this is still a big opportunity for them to interact. It might be the first time a toddler learns to share, for example. One surefire way to get younger children stimulated at a party is to have them all partake in an art project. Families attending outdoor functions might find themselves with more options for play, such as inflatables.

If an event features large inflatables, every kid there will want to try them out, whether they are moonwalks or obstacle courses. While toddlers can absolutely enjoy these playthings, most of these inflatables are designed for older kids. A parent can theoretically join a toddler through an obstacle course, but it will take that child quite a bit longer to make it through, which can hold up the line at an event. A toddler obstacle course, however, is smaller, safer, and more manageable for that age group. This is especially problematic for moonwalks. Parents join kids in these bouncy houses all the time, but a standard moonwalk has a different opening design than one for toddlers, so undersized children are often at risk of falling out upon exiting. Toddler moonwalks are a safe solution.

In short, a party can be a wonderful tool for a toddler’s development, so make sure that the activities are safe.